Why you can't eat the elephant 🐘

marketing social media strategy Sep 06, 2022

Ever heard the saying – how do you eat an elephant? 

One bite at a time.

This saying is supremely unhelpful when applied to for purpose marketing efforts. Why?

Because most of you don’t even know what the marketing 'elephant' looks like. Sure you know it’s big, has a trunk and is a kind of grey colour … but is that enough?

I won’t labour the analogy too far, but one of the biggest struggles for purpose CEOs, leaders and marketing people is that you don’t really know what good marketing can look like when it’s done right.

 How can you start taking bites into the problem, if you don’t know what the 'elephant', end game or right solution should look like?

 If this resonates with you, this is my advice on how I'd tackle it: 

1)    By example. Find an organisation doing marketing well (make sure it’s actually getting results, not just looking good online), subscribe to everything they do, break it down and work out how you can do something similar. Conferences are great at this as a lot of causes share the behind-the-scenes on their success stories. 

2)    Find a mentor. Find yourself someone who has done it successfully before for another for purpose organisation and is happy to share what they’ve learnt with you and coach you through it. 

3)    Get a strategist.  Totally transparency here – this is what I do! But even if you never work with me I highly encourage you to find someone you relate to, can trust and has done this hundreds of times before. Then they can help answer all your questions and simply map out what the ‘elephant’ looks like and what the steps are to get from here to there. Then bite away!

I hope this resonated for you.

Do you know what your ‘elephant’ looks like?

If you want some help – feel free to reach out. Whether you have a budget of $200 or $20,000 - I'd be happy to point you in the right direction. 

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