How do I get these people to do this thing?

You have a wonderful organisation that literally changes the world for the better. But each time you try to reach out to a specific audience with marketing and get them to do something you need.... nada. 

You should have an engaged community of people who know what you do, love your mission and are ready to take action every time you've got something to share. 

So, let's change that once and for all. I'll help you move from ad hoc content to strategic storytelling based on brain science.  

After 15 years as a journalist and then 11 years as a business owner working with non profits, something clicked.  I realised there is a reason some powerful messages fall on deaf ears while others inexplicably overperform.  

I call it StoryScience. It's about understanding how our brains really work when we hear a story. As organisations, we have to tell the right story,  to the right people, in the right place, at the right time... and then add the secret sauce - the right way. 

Here's a super simple, but rather pretty, visual of the stages I take a consulting client through. 


Hello, it's nice to meet you¬†ūüĎčūüŹĽ

I'm Alecia Hancock and I am known as a digital marketing strategic consultant. I have been working in the field for more than 12 years and I take my work and impact seriously (but myself - not so much). 

I like to think of myself to be a rainbow coloured zebra in a field of horses! I definitely do things differently. 

My brain is stuffed full of social media knowledge and real-life experience, I abhor wasting money and I have a knack for making things easy.

I've worked hands on with thousands of causes and I am radically honest about what it takes to succeed. I work with organisations I believe in, on projects that I think can make a difference. 

My reputation and client-list speaks for itself. 

Amy Blundell
Edith Cowan University 

"Alecia really helped us to clarify and understand our audiences, to reposition our story and define some strong content pillars for us to use across our platforms.

"Alecia has an incredible amount of knowledge on social media and digital marketing tactics that she shared in abundance and gave us some really practical recommendations to move forwards with. We have gained a lot of confidence from working with Alecia and it feels great knowing that we can pick up the phone or shoot her an email for advice that we trust."

Linda Phompak

"We had the pleasure of working with Alecia, her ability to extract the essence of our startup and translate it into a clear, comprehensive marketing strategy and plan was impressive.

She is not only personable and easy to work with but also an excellent communicator. We had full confidence in her ability to lead this project, and the results speak for themselves. We are greatly satisfied with the outcome."

Daphne White

"We used Alecia Hancock Consulting to help us build a digital roadmap for our brand and to share our organisation's story in a professional and effective way.

We are now better positioned and have more confident with our digital marketing to meet our organisational goals.

"I would highly recommend Alecia to other not for profit organisations who need assistance with digital marketing and social media."

"Alecia has been key to the MHCSA developing both organisation and campaign specific social media campaigns. She has given us mentoring around social media strategy, ad buying and maximising a specific outreach campaign.  I would recommend her widely in the not-for-profit sector."

~ Louise, Mental Health Coalition SA


Just a few of the great organisation's I have helped around the world ūüĆé

Have a Marketing Problem Needing Solving? 

My ideal consulting clients are nonprofit or purpose focused businesses or organisations that has a problem something along the lines of: I Need to Get THIS THING out to THESE PEOPLE and I Want a Roadmap of How to Do It. 

If you know things need to change and you're ready to take your marketing strategy seriously, let's chat. I take on 2-3 consulting projects at a time, so I will always be direct with you about whether we're a good fit. If not, I may be able to recommend someone else how is! 

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