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I'm Alecia Hancock. 

I believe every person has the power to change the world. I teach people who want to make a difference about marketing, social media and the fundamentals of being a social impact organisation. Reach out to chat, if you're looking for a consultant, mentor, strategy or training workshop.  

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After 15-years as a journalist and 11-years teaching charities and social enterprises social media and digital marketing, Alecia is known for her inspiring talks, useful resources and story-focused training that makes a real difference.

Her purpose is to build knowledge, skills, accountability and confidence in the people with the vision to change the world for the better.

"Alecia provides very high-quality presentation. She is a very energetic speaker - cutting edge. The power of her speech is second to none. I particularly love the way she interacted with the attendees. It’s never easy to get this done on a webinar.

Her connection with the attendees was uplifting and remarkable. We received many great reviews and would love to have her again!"

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