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Need friendly, practical and easy-to-follow training in social media, digital marketing, writing, communication or marketing?

Dive deep into a single topic, attend a virtual training class or book a group workshop for your event or team. 

All classes are full of hands-on practical experience - not jargon or theory. They’ll teach you skills you can implement immediately. 

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 "We found the content very relevant and powerful and the attendee's clearly enjoyed the session too! They were a breeze to deal with as well - quick, efficient and organised."

~ Heidi, Volunteering New Zealand

Do you resonate?

When you find yourself in a role where you don’t know how to do something, it can be pretty overwhelming. There’s always Google... but who do you trust?  Don’t let marketing or social media scare you, everyone starts in the same place and all skills can be learnt. I’ve got you.

My most popular training topics

How to Activate Your Community

Our most popular session. It teaches attendees how to use social media to build a digital community and covers all major social platforms, audience attraction, posting and more. 

Creating Effective Social Media Content

Ever get stuck with what to post? In this comprehensive session you will get content-generating ideas, how to structure content, repurpose and how to plan and post with ninja-like efficiency.

Learn to Use Canva

Online tool Canva has turned every person into a graphic designer. In this practical workshop, learn exactly how to use the tool, tricks of the trade and ideas for graphics that deliver results.

Grow Your Volunteering on Social Media

If volunteering recruitment or retention are priorities for this year, this class will show you how to use free social media channels to find, attract and keep your ideal volunteers. 

10 Steps to Marketing

A broad look at 10 key areas of marketing from how to create effective printed materials to digital content, tips and tricks to get outcomes and how to create a simple one-page marketing plan.  

How to Write Content Persuasively

Writing grant applications? Marketing materials? Social media content? Find out how to make your content clear, concise, impactful and get you the outcome you want. 

Other Workshops Available

  • Facebook Fundraisers
  • How to Get Free Media Coverage
  • Get Published in the Media
  • Writing Persuasively to Promote Your Cause
  • Know Your Numbers: Understand Social Media Analytics
  • The Tools & Technology You Can't Live Without
  • Mailchimp 101
  • Instagram for Nonprofits
  • LinkedIn for Nonprofits
  • Facebook for Nonprofits
  • TikTok for Nonprofits

"The power of Alecia's speech is second to none. I particularly love the way she interacted with the attendees. It’s never easy to get this done on a webinar. Her connection with the attendees was uplifting and remarkable. We always received many great reviews and would love to have her again!"
~ Grant, Connecting Up

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  • Can be adapted to your audience or attendees
  • Adjusted to suit beginner, intermediate or advanced 
  • Topics can stand alone or build on skills from prior sessions in a series
  • Choice of dozens of topics

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