Cool Things We Recommend

We get asked so often for recommendations of our favourite tools, systems, software and so on - that we decided to start building a Page where we could list them all for you! Many of these systems to cost to subscribe to, but offer free trials so you can check them out first. 

Canva for Social Enterprise & Impact Orgs

Our absolute must have tool for any organisation. You can create professional designs for your social channels and marketing in minutes. Highly recommend the pro account so you can add your own fonts, colours & branded templates. 

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Canva for Nonprofits

Little known secret - if you're a registered nonprofit or not-for-profit Canva has a program just for you and it's FREE! Click on the link to start an application. It is our absolute MUST HAVE tool. 

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We get asked all the time what CRM (customer relationship management) tool we choose to use. It's ActiveCampaign, we've found it to be hands down the best for automation, tracking and ALL the cool things. It can even automatically make  custom social media audience targeting for you! 

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Hey Summit

If you want to run a conference, summit, event virtually - Hey Summit is our go to. We host our well known Change the World and Unite conferences on here and love it because it is easy to use and all in one. 

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Selling online virtual training is a huge opportunity for nonprofits and social enterprises alike. If you've got a course you want to host, this is an awesome easy to use platform to quickly build out and sell your course. 

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Social media management tools are the biggest time saver They help you get organised, more strategic with your social media and helps you do everything in one place. Known as the tool social media consultants use. 

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Video Tools

Nailing a Live Event on Social Media Online Training

If you want to get REALLY good at video and learn how to run a great live event, we cannot recommend Rebecca Saunders enough. This course will teach you everything you need to know. 

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GlowPro Ring Light

If you're doing more video this year, then we highly recommend investing in a good ring light. This is the one we use for our lives, events and videos. 


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