🔗 Why posting links on your Page's Facebook is problematic

facebook Feb 28, 2023

Meta (Facebook/Instagram) has released their Widely Viewed Content report and there was one fact in there that really stood out for me.

92.5% of all content viewed in the USA last quarter on Facebook did NOT include a link to a source outside of Facebook.

I have been saying this for a loooong time, but I think this really shows how the algorithm is not favouring links that take people away from the platform.

Of the links that were clicked, most related back to Youtube, Tiktok, Gofundme or a major news site. 

I see not-for-profits and businesses sharing way more links to external sources than they should be and a lot of the time there is no real context to the post or motivation to make someone click.

If you're going to share links on Facebook, make sure it is important, your post makes it really motivational for someone to make that click and it benefits your key goals.

Otherwise, consider instead how you can make the content or the post native in the platform instead. Your reach in the feed will thank you.

P.S. If you're struggling to find content to post that aren't links, check out my on demand class Creating Effective Social Media Content

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