Why my Reel had 147,000 views this week

instagram social media video Jun 21, 2022

I posted a Reel on my personal Instagram account this week that has been viewed 147,000 times.  

Being totally honest  -  my personal Instagram account doesn’t get a lot of love these days... which made it all the more surprising.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t anything special.  

I was literally sitting on the couch (no make-up, no prep) and used a filter that supposedly shows you your ideal career. It told me mine was to be a chef.

So why did this get pushed out so widely? It is purely an indication of how much Instagram and Facebook are prioritising Reel content right now. 

It is supply and demand. Right now – more people are watching Reels than are creating them. Both Facebook and Instagram are prioritising Reels and pushing them to a bigger audience, which means you can expect to get at least 10-30 times more reach than a normal post.

Looking at my analytics, most of my views have come from it being shared across to the new Facebook Reels feature.

The takeaway of this lesson is simple. I highly recommend if you’re not experimenting with Reels, now is the time to start.

Reach is phenomenal right now but this won’t last forever. This is one of those 'strike while the iron is hot' moments. 

You don’t have to dance. But I do recommend watching out for trending challenge, song/sound or filters and tying them back to your cause to build attention with your ideal audience.

 Happy Reel creation!

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