What a meat pie reminded me about charity

content inspiration marketing Jul 10, 2023

When I stopped at the petrol station for a pack of Red Bull (I know, it's a terrible habit!), I didn't expect to get a lesson about charity.

I was buying my box of 4, when the cashier asked me if I'd also like to upgrade to their deal where I get two meat pies as well.

I pretty much say no to most of these 'upsell' style offers without even thinking. As a vegetarian for 30-years this one was even more of a no brainer. I can't even handle being in the same room as someone eating a meat pie! 

The staff member was quite for a second as she scanned my purchase and then said softly:

"It's totally okay if it's a no, but if you buy the pies and your drinks it's actually going to cost you the almost the exact same amount as you're spending now. If you don't want the pies, I can keep them here and give them to them the homeless people who come in to use the bathroom."

I was completely struck still. Of COURSE I wanted the meat pies now. Her offer was so sweet, it made me tear up a little bit.

But I found this a really profound analogy for what I am obsessed with teaching every day.

If you find the right way to tell your story, it will connect people and make them take action. 

By reframing the story as one of helping others and paying it forward instead of a sales conversation, it completely changed the dynamic of the conversation. 

Sometimes it takes the slightest adjustment to the way you tell a story for it to land in a whole new way.

Renaming a class from the First Aid Course to the Save Your Child's Life Essentials Class.

Maybe it's time to think - are you telling the right story, but just in the wrong way for your audience? 

Happy storytelling,

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