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facebook instagram social media advertising May 03, 2022

I was chatting to a lovely Social Media Strategy School student this week who asked me for some tips on targeting very niche audiences by geographic location and industry/sector with Facebook Ads.

I know this is something that is relevant to a lot of you, whether because you have a limited budget or a particular audience you need to reach but knowing some sneaky ways to get to your perfect audience with a low spend is a good skill to have.


  • Website audience retargeting. Add the Facebook Pixel to your website and use the custom audiences feature to create a new audience for people that visit your website. I would normally target people who had visited in the last 7 days, 30 days or at the outside 60 days depending on how much traffic you get and how big your budget it. If your website visits are fairly low or very relevant, you could also try building a lookalike audience from this list to find more people like your ideal web visitor.
  • People who have engaged with you on Instagram or Facebook in the last 30 days. This can also be set up through audiences. If people like your content organically, chances are they are going to be fairly relevant for your campaign. Make them separate audiences if you have a reasonable following and engagement on both.
  • Email database. People you have email addresses or mobile numbers for can become a highly targeted ideal audience. Also great to use to create a lookalike audience.
  • Detailed audience targeting. If you know your audience really well, you can use detailed targeting to narrow people by location, age, gender, interest, industry, job titles, employers, etc. It may take a bit of research to hit on some terms that work well but it’s well worth investing the time.

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