Using ChatGPT to write your marketing content for you

content marketing resource Feb 06, 2023

ChatGPT is all anyone in the marketing world has been talking about the past few months.

I must admit, I was pretty darn sceptical. I mean, I spent YEARS learning to be a good writer and there is a certain amount of natural skill that makes the difference between someone who does it well, and someone who struggles.

After playing with ChatGPT for a few weeks, I am bold enough to say it is an absolute game changer for those of you who find creating content hard. You can use ChatGPT to:

  • Conduct research for you
  • Edit or improve on content you’ve written yourself
  • Write copy for you from scratch
  • Find ideas for content that people will be interested to read
  • Even just tweak your email subject lines

So what is Chat GPT?

It’s a chat software online that you can have entire conversations with.

It is free to use and it is has risen to fame with its ability to write content.

While it definitely is going to be the new cheating in schools, for people who aren’t natural writers it is going to be a god send.

How to use it

Go to:

Click try ChatGPT.

You will be prompted to set up an account (still free). Your screen will look like the screenshot above. You can then type anything into the box at the bottom of the screen (see below) and press send. ChatGPT will respond and so on.

It also saves past queries for easy reference.

How to use ChaptGPT for content marketing or to write copy

If you’re writing copy for social media, emails, website or more – you can use ChatGPT as your editor, polisher or even to write your copy from scratch. 

  • EDITING/IMPROVING: You’ve written something and you’re not sure if it could be better. You can ask ChatGPT to write your copy to sell more products, to be more humorous, to be more engaging, get a better click through rate, etc. Simply phrase the query and then paste your content in straight after. Press send and let the tool work its magic.
  • WRITING. It can write copy from scratch for you. For example, you can ask it to write a Tweet for you and list some key words or topics. Or a Facebook post. Or so on. I do suggest to not use it as is, but give it your own edit and add your own brand flavour. It doesn’t just stop at short content – you can even ask it to write you a blog post or an article. Just keep it mind it is likely to not be original, but it can be a great frame that you can flesh out with your own ideas and thoughts.
  • FINDING IDEAS. It’s also a great way to get some structure or ideas for your content. You could ask it what are the most popular blog topics about animal welfare or domestic violence and it will give you a host of article suggestions that are likely to rank well.
  • RESEARCH. Want to get a quick answer to a research question? Ask the app and get some basic information together quickly.
  • WRITE A SUBJECT LINE. I know a lot of people hate writing the subject line for their marketing emails. You can share your article and ask ChatGPT to suggest a subject line that will get a good open rate.

 And just for some fun – keep reading below to see what ChatGPT wrote when I asked it to write an article for content marketers about how to use ChatGPT. It was eerily similar to what I created for you above! 


ChatGPT, the advanced language model developed by OpenAI, is a powerful tool for content creators. With its ability to generate high-quality text based on inputs, it has the potential to revolutionize the way content is created and distributed.Here are some ways in which ChatGPT can be used by content creators:

  1. Content Generation: ChatGPT can generate a wide range of content, including articles, blog posts, scripts, and even poetry. This is especially useful for content creators who need to produce high-quality content quickly and efficiently.
  2. Idea Generation: ChatGPT can help content creators generate new ideas for their content. By providing prompts, it can spark creative thinking and help content creators come up with new and innovative ideas for their content.
  3. Improving Productivity: ChatGPT can help content creators streamline their workflows and increase their productivity. With the ability to quickly generate high-quality content, it allows content creators to focus on other aspects of their work.
  4. Research Assistance: ChatGPT can be used to conduct research and gather information on a wide range of topics. This is especially useful for content creators who need to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in their field.
  5. Content Optimization: ChatGPT can be used to optimize existing content, such as improving readability, making text more concise, and correcting grammatical errors. This can help content creators produce high-quality content that is both engaging and effective.

In conclusion, ChatGPT is a valuable tool for content creators, offering a range of features that can help improve productivity, generate new ideas, and produce high-quality content. Whether you're a blogger, a scriptwriter, or a content marketer, ChatGPT can help you create better content and achieve your goals.

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