TIP #1 Time Saving Tips for Social Media

Nov 21, 2023

Over the next few days, I am going to share my all time most relevant top 5 tips. Today, I am going to start the first by being brutally honest. You're never going to 'find' time for social media. 

You wear a lot of hats and have a never ending to do list. Time isn't just going to magically jump out at you and shout "Now is a good time for Social!". As much as that would be pretty cool.

But we can MAKE more time for social media and here are my absolute tippiest top tips for making that happen.


Do One Platform Well. Not Many Poorly. 

The most common reasons by students struggle, is because they've have more social media channels than they have time to effectively manage. This is your permission slip. If a social media channel/platform isn't serving you, stop doing it. You're better off having one or two great ones than all the things that just don't work.

Choose to keep the ones with the highest number of your ideal audience on it, and work to make it great. For me, my number #1 is LinkedIn. 


Batch the Work

It takes up to 10 times longer to create a month's social content if you do it one post at a time! Set aside fixed time each month to work on social media, you'll create more in less time. It's actually brain science. 


Recycle Content

Need a bunch of high performing posts fast? Open up your social media analytics and find the best performing (engagement is usually the best metric) posts from the last year. Refresh them and share again. Change up some words, find a new slant on the story, add a new image, but don't recreate the wheel. 


Invest in Good Tools

You might have limited budgets, but don't forget to weigh up the cost of a time saving tool against how many hours it saves. When you price it against your hourly rate or salary... it suddenly makes more sense.

Here are my must haves:


Canva - This one is a no brainer. Get the nonprofit or the Pro account, upload all your brand fonts, colours and best images. Even better, pay a graphic designer to create you 20-50 templates for social media so you can literally just go in, change a few words, swap an image and have a brand new on-brand post.


It is worth investing in a multi-platform scheduling tool. You used to get penalised for using these with less reach, but that is no longer the case or at least so small to be irrelevant. 

Prices vary a lot on tools, so shop around to find the one that best meets your needs. Here are some of my faves.


SkedSocial - I'm using this one personally right now.  It's a good price for features, particularly good for Insta. 


AgoraPulse - Made for agencies, it is sophisticated and has just about everything you need. 


Buffer - Another good priced platform and I love the tools to share and save things straight from your feed. Good for people who reshare a lot of content from other sources. 


Get More Web Traffic Ubersuggest - this tool is a must have if you want to better understand what drives people to your website. It's also amazing at prompting blog post creation that gets high organic traffic. I also think it's a bargain, when you purchase lifetime access.


The All in One

Kajabi - I swear by this tool. It's not cheap, but mine is my website developer, blog, email marketing system, CRM, event planner, online course hub, podcast host and a bunch of other things. 


This has saved me the most time as I am not always swapping between tools anymore, or wasting time finding workarounds so different systems to talk to each other. 

Hope this helps you claw back some time in your month. Keep an eye out for tomorrow's tip! 

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