The Three Most Common Mistakes Not for Profits Make on Social Media

Nov 17, 2016

In the modern world of fast paced, high turnover content, the stories told by non-for-profits often stand out because they hit us in the heart. They make us pause and catch our breath, evaluate our lives and yearn to be better people, to take action and make our world a better place.

At least they do if we get all the elements right, but often the scene isn’t set, the characters are lacklustre and the story doesn’t flow.

Which begs the question; what do NFP’s lack on social media?


Sure you’re an organisation and you have funds to raise and good deeds to carry out, but you live and work in a world populated by PEOPLE, and people like to interact with other people, not faceless organisations.

If the personality of your people doesn’t shine through and become the personality of your organisation then chances are the greater population will not be keen to interact with you.

TIP: when you write a post, read it out aloud. Get a couple of people to read it out aloud and gauge how it sounds. Edit accordingly.


It is really easy to just type any old update and post, or share the most recent article that you read, but what happens when all you do is randomly update and share? Where is your social platform going? What journey are you taking your audience on? Is it one they want to be on?

The content you choose to share on your social platforms needs to be considered and speak to your audience. You need to know what direction you want to travel with your audience. Are you educating them; are you advocating for them; are you making them laugh so they will love you like their best friend? Decide; and make sure your content reflects that considered direction.

TIP: Look at your organisations mission statement for an idea on what direction you should take.


Being social is always a two way street. None of us head to a restaurant with a group of people and talk at them for the entire time we are together. We talk, we listen, we go back and forth taking turns. Social platforms work much better when you operate in the same manner.

If you stay on your own profile just publishing content to others all the time there is no real interaction. If you go and visit other organisations and people and respond to what they are saying, you are networking. Never underestimate the value of interacting in this way. It is how relationships are forged and strengthened.

TIP: Choose 5 organisations/people you want to talk with and visit them (on FB,

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