The one thing you MUST get right

marketing social media strategy May 02, 2023

It is a pretty big call to say your organisation's digital marketing hinges on just one thing...

 ... but here I am saying it.

You absolutely freakin' MUST have a really clear ideal audience avatar that is super detailed and actually written down somewhere.

As part of my consulting process, I just did this for a client and in a meeting today she said to me: "You know her so well, it's like she's your next door neighbour."

And THAT, that is exactly what we're going for. If I, a complete stranger to their organisation, can nail an audience profile down to the detail that it sounds like I'm writing about a friend - you can too. More importantly, you must. 

But why Alecia, I hear you ask? 


  • How will you know which marketing channel to chose if you don't know what your audience uses?
  • It's so hard to write content to a mass audience. It's so easy to write content to one person that you really know well.
  • You will know exactly what has to be on your website home page if you know what your ideal person is struggling with and looking for. 
  • It's easy to promote your products or services, when you know exactly what problems your audience faces and how what you offer solves exactly that problem. 
  • You can build an attraction funnel for your ideal person and keep them in it if you can talk to them in their own language. 

Just think, if every piece of marketing you create, if every message you write, if everything you do in your organisation was designed around just one person...

... how much easier did your day to day decision making just get. 

If you have a roadblock in your marketing. Something you're struggling to progress or something is just disconnected.

Go right back to the beginning and start here.

Create your ideal audience avatar. If you had one audience who was your most important audience for you to achieve this goal - give them a face, give them a name, describe their life and most importantly - describe what they think, feel, worry about, hope for, are scared of.

Then go back to where you were stuck at look at it through this lens - what would 'Angela' or your ideal audience avatar want to know/read/see/feel? 

Happy profiling,

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