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resource Feb 20, 2023

I was watching an episode of 1923 (the Yellowstone spin off) last night and the characters were admiring the new fangled invention called a washing machine. 

They were joking about what they'd even do with their time if they didn't have these chores to do.

Fast forward to 2023 and we have no problems filling in all that time we saved on wringing our washing out scrubbing on a washboard.

The reality is, we always seem to find ways to fill up our time. Each time saving invention after another, we never seem to be short of things to do and it is really easy to get overwhelmed.

Television shows aside, this is why I'm a bit low key obsessed with a new time management app I started using.

It's invented by a gentleman with ADHD and it's part project management tool and part scheduling - and all happiness for me.

It's called Motion and what I totally love is that it uses AI to synch all your projects and 'to do' items with your actual calendar and places all the tasks in where they should go (like the picture above from their website).

After a little bit of planning time where I list out my to do's for projects, marketing activities, personal tasks and anything else I have and voila! It prioritises and drops everything into my diary and tells me exactly what tasks I should do when I sit down at my computer for the day.

This feature makes it rather unique. Every time I have a random 15-30 minute gap, it finds the perfect sized task and squeezes it in there for me. I've found myself ticking a few more things off my to do list each day, particularly those small tasks that usually get pushed to the bottom of the list.

To be clear, I'm not an affiliate for this app or involved with it in any way.

I saw it pop up in my Instagram feed and was looking for a solution to help me better manage my new consulting projects. So I did the free trial and knew that it might resonate well for some of you.

Plus they have a free 7 day trial, so you can give it a try like I did. 

Check it out here: usemotion.com/

If you're looking to try something new to help you with time management or maybe you love the idea of someone else planning your day for you - check it out and tell me what you think at [email protected] 


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