🙅🏼‍♀️ The 5 social media myths to throw out in 2023 🙅🏼‍♀️

marketing social media Apr 03, 2023

There are SO MANY social media myths out there in the world, but some are hurting your marketing more than others.

Here are the five that I am seeing damaging nonprofits the most often right now.



MYTH: You must be on every social platform.

TRUTH: You're better off doing one platform really well, then doing many poorly. 


MYTH: It's important to lock down the ways people can interact with us on social.

TRUTH: The second you do that, your social media is no longer 'social'. If you aren't there to have a conversation, you're better off not being there.


MYTH: If you want more engagement, post more often.

TRUTH: Posting consistently is more important than frequently. Most my clients are getting great results on 2-3 posts per week.


MYTH: Third-party scheduling tools will reduce your reach.

TRUTH: This is outdated. Research released more recently shows no real difference between the two - but scheduling will save time and offer better analytics. 


MYTH: More likes on your account means a more successful organisation.

TRUTH: You're better off having the RIGHT followers, who actually take action to support your cause than having a lot of followers that you have to monitor and maintain.


I hope these resonate for you and help you take a look at your social media a little differently this month.


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