The 1 post your content strategy is missing

Apr 29, 2024

Let's be honest, sometimes social media feels like a big shouting match, doesn't it? Everyone's pushing their latest program, donation plea, or event...

But here's the thing: the algorithm doesn't just reward the loudest voice. It's looking for what they call 'meaningful engagement'.

That's where my secret weapon comes in: the "engagement" post.

This is a post about something your ideal audience cares about a whole lot... but doesn't actually have to relate to your brand. 

Wait... what? Hear me out.

Platforms like Meta have something called a Content Quality Score. It's not a score you can look up and find anywhere, but it has a HUGE impact on your results.

It is why one day your post reaches 200 people, while the next day one reaches 2,000.

It is basically a score that says how good your content is and how meaningfully engaging it will be for your audience.

THIS is why you need to include engagement posts in your regular content mix. 

Because it's not about how much engagement that one post gets, it's about the boost it gives to your overall algorithm and content quality score.

One really good engagement post can increase your reach for your next important post...

.. actually a really good engagement post can increase your week for up to a week!

That means your really valuable and critical messages will reach more people.

So in May, take the time to schedule some engagement posts. 

  • 🤔 A quick poll to spark opinions
  • 💡 A "This or That" to get people talking
  • 🤣 A relatable meme to share a laugh
  • 😤 A controversial statement or take on an issue to start a discussion 
  • ❓Ask your audience about themselves or a topic they are passionate about (sports / food / parenting)

These might seem "fluffy," but they're NOT. They boost your content quality score, meaning the algorithm shows your posts to more people! 

Oh - and don't hesitate to forward this to your boss. There is a good chance they're going to ask why you're posting content that isn't 'selling'. 

But you know better - don't you?

Happy posting,

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