Stop! Don’t click that boost button just yet…

Mar 10, 2018

I get asked about boosted Facebook posts all the time, so what are they? 

Basically, a broad way to pay for your content to reach more people. 

 The reality is that the organic reach of Facebook posts is rapidly declining. There are two reasons for this – firstly as Facebook gains more users, the amount of content published daily is increasing. Secondly, the nature of the News Feed is that it is designed to filter content to show what is most relevant for each particular user.

 A boosted post appears higher on your audience’s newsfeed than a regular post and pushes through to reach more people. It does however come at a cost.

 There are 3 simple steps to boosting your posts:

 1. Choose which post you want boosted – it can be a new post or one posted previously. Click on the “Boost Post” button on the bottom right hand corner.

 2. Select your audience –  this can be people who like your page and their friends or a “lookalike audience”.

 3. Choose your budget – this is accumulated by the amount of time you want the post to be boosted. You really don’t want to spend more than a few dollars per post.

Remember, boosted posts are not the same as targeted Facebook ads. They are a broad way to increase reach and engagement and although they do help your content cut through, there are unpaid ways to do this too. Check out our blog post on the 4 types of posts you should be creating every week.

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