Stop blaming the algorithm! 😲

facebook instagram Nov 11, 2022

It’s pretty easy to blame the algorithm any time your social media post doesn’t perform they way (you think) it should. 

And in all fairness, sometimes the algorithm does play a part.

Most the time though, it’s just an easy excuse. Is your content posting ad hoc? If the answer is yes… even just a little bit yes. The algorithm is not your issue.

There is no way to post ad hoc when you have time AND strategically plan content that will perform on the platform AND perform against your organisational goals. It just can’t be done.

It doesn’t matter HOW you do it, but planning your content ahead of time makes a huge difference and there is no ‘right’ way to do it. 

  1. Brainstorm ideas on post-it notes throughout the month, then take half a day to sort them, write the content and post it.
  2. Write posts directly in a scheduling tool as drafts, then when you have time to plan you can review all the ideas and strategically edit them and structure them in a way that will work (and delete the wheat from the chaff).
  3. Start a What’s App channel for your organisation where everyone can contribute all their social media ideas, photos they’ve taken and things that are important to them. Let them know the cut off date – then assemble what you have.
  4. Plan content, write and schedule in one sitting.
  5. Plan one day and write and schedule the content the following week.
  6. Use a multi-platform scheduling tool or use Creator Studio.

My point is, there is no real right or wrong way to do it. But I can tell you, if you start thinking about your content in terms of a month or a quarter instead of a day or a week – you will start playing a bigger game and bringing in bigger numbers.

Not to say you can never create a post on the fly, because you can. If you’ve planned out your content for the month you know where your opportunities are to jump on something trending or share something from an event (because that will be in the plan) and know it will work with everything else in the mix.

Besides, even if you’re only scheduling 2-3 posts a week – think about all the lovely time that is going to save you in the wrong one.

So, is it time you stopped blaming the algorithm?

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