My heart was pounding out of my chest... 🫀

content marketing Aug 15, 2023
Last week I was lucky enough to get an invite to the preview screening of the Gran Turismo movie (thanks to everyone on socials who pointed out it was Gran not Grand ).
I have to say, this movie was not at all what I expected and I loved it. It was not a 'game becoming a movie' film but actually a true story about a young gamer who won the chance to become a professional race car driver.
I could not believe I had never heard the story before. It was such powerful triumphing over adversity story, with some heartbreak thrown in. 
What I was reminded of though is our brain's ability to connect our own experiences to stories we hear or watch.
Sitting in that movie I felt thrown back in time to when I was on a media trip to Italy and I got driven around a track in a racing Porsche by an actual Gran Turismo champion driver.
As I watched the movie, I could feel the g-force that pushed me back in my seat. The way my stomach lurched and head swam as they powered around corners. I remembered the sound. The smell. The exhilaration. The sweaty palms. My heart pounding in my chest.
It was a powerful reminder of a key storytelling element.
You must tell your stories in a way that allows our audience to see themselves in the story. 
While I am sure few people in the cinema had been lucky enough to have the experience I did, I am sure there were other elements of the movie they could relate to.
Having someone in your life who doesn't believe in you.
Doubting yourself.
Having a goal that seemed too big to be possible. 
Doing something scary for the very first time.
Overcoming a moment where everything went wrong.
If you can tell a story that puts the audience into the drivers seat (sorry, couldn't help myself), then you are going to activate the parts of their brain around connection, memory and focus.
It means your story will relate to them in a whole new way, will connect better and be remembered longer. 
Not only do I want you to go and see this movie because it was aces, I want you to think about the stories you're telling about your organisation. Are they relatable? Are they told in a way that makes someone relate to their own memory and experience and create empathy?
If not, think about a story you can share on social this week that does that and let me know how it goes when you post it!

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