Maximise Your EOFY Success: Essential Checklist for Financial Year-End

marketing May 23, 2023

Working for a nonprofit you're ALWAYS going to have more things on your to do list than you have time to do them.

It's about making the time for things that matter and one thing I a lot of Australian nonprofits miss is the opportunities around end of financial year.

For those of you in other countries, your year may have passed or you may have a few months to go, but regardless this mid-year checklist is not going to go astray in making sure you're where you want to be in 2023.

Here are the key things I'd be doing in the next 5 weeks. 

Analyse performance
Stop your marketing. Take time away (even physically go somewhere else) and take a look at the year so far. Are things going the way you planned? What has done better than expected? What didn't go as planned? Where did you get stuck? Now is the time to really understand your marketing numbers and identify what has to change. 

Review your goals
You most likely set your marketing goals at the start of the year. It's now time to take a good hard look at those. What is done, what is still in progress and what didn't work? Now is the chance to recalibrate and reset your goals for the next 6-12 months. I always use the SMART model for my goals making sure they are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timebound. 

Look at the budget
There are two sides to this in the impact space. First, have you acquitted all the budgets that were tied to the current financial year (or this first half of the year), if not. Make a plan now to acquit budget otherwise you may not get it back next year. Think about investing in training, consulting, software, systems or anything else that will push you forward for the rest of the year. 

Secondly, set your budget for the second half of the year based on what worked and what didn't this year. Hopefully you've had some successful campaigns and you can use these to pitch for increased budgets. 

Run a digital audit
Again, this is that chance to step back and take a fresh look. Go to your website and your social media channels and put on the hat of your ideal customer. What do they see? Is there out of date information that needs changing? Are there new insights about your audience you want to incorporate? Are there changes to the platform you haven't adjusted for? Now is the chance to make those tweaks. 

If you need a fresh perspective on any of the above or want some advice, don't hesitate to give me a shout. Always happy to help.

All the best

P.S. I've had quite a few people reach out as they missed last week's Facebook Fundraising Like a Pro class. It was totally full for the live session, but you can still purchase this class and get it as an instant access replay on my website so you and watch it again and again. 

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