Mastering Marketing: The Five Vs You Need to Know

Jan 08, 2024

Want to take your digital marketing from blah to effective? I believe it comes down to what I call the 5Vs:

  • Vision
  • Voice
  • Value
  • Variety
  • Vulnerability

The first V, Vision, makes your organisations purpose or value crystal clear to your audience. It's about answering the crucial questions: Why do we exist? Why does it matter? How can others align their passion and support with our cause?

The second V, Voice, is about putting aside the traditional professional marketing voice. 

In today's digital world, we want our brands to sound and speak like people. Sending a brand voice makes your brand relatable, creates emotional connection and also creates consistency when you have multiple content creators.

Next comes Value. I often see this mistake happening online. We focus on what we need and the stories we want to share, but lose sight of the value we can deliver to our audience.

Understand your ideal audience and share content that enriches their lives—content that provides them with tangible value. This approach builds trust and strengthens your relationship with supporters.

Fourth comes Variety. It's not only the spice of life, it is also key for successful digital marketing. 

Social media and digital marketing algorithms thrive on diverse content formats. Whether it's text, links, photos, carousels, or videos, incorporating a range of content types keeps your messaging fresh and engaging.

Similarly, telling a lot of different types of stories ensures that your audience reman interested and engaged.

Perhaps the most crucial V of them all—Vulnerability. In a world where professionalism often dominates messaging, nonprofits, businesses and organisations mustn't shy away from showcasing their human side.

You need to show people you aren't perfect and you're not robots. Demonstrating vulnerability allows your audience to relate on a personal level, fostering a sense of shared experience and understanding.

By weaving the 5Vs—Vision, Voice, Value, Variety, and Vulnerability into your storytelling and outreach strategies, you can create more engagement.

I look forward to hearing how things change for you, once you get these working well for your brand.

Happy marketing,


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