Is your Instagram engagement as bad as you think?

instagram social media Jun 13, 2023

Is your Instagram engagement as bad as you think?

The hard truth is, engagement on Instagram is down across the board right now.

While in 2020 we were seeing rates of around 3%, these days it is averaging a little less than 1%.

So if you've noticed a drop in engagement recently, know that it isn't just you.

How do you know what your Instagram engagement rate is? 

I like the simple free engagement rate calculator from Hootsuite. You can put in the number of followers, posts and how many comments, likes, etc, you've received and it will automatically calculate your engagement rate.

Check it out here: Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator.  

You can use it to work out your engagement across a month or the engagement % on a specific post.

 If your engagement rate in the last month is higher than 1% you are doing better than the average account on Instagram. 

Keep in mind, if you have less than 1,000 followers you should see much higher engagement rates - as much as 5-8%.

If you know you're not giving IG the attention it deserves, I've got you. Join my new masterclass:  "Instagram for NonProfits and Impact Businesses masterclass". 

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