Instagram REELS Algorithm Secrets for Non Profits and Causes

content instagram reels social media Nov 04, 2021

Yesterday, Instagram pulled back the curtain on how the ranking algorithm works on Reels.

The post on their Instagram Creators account explained, in order to determine which reels to show a user, they consider how likely you are to:

  1. Watch a reel all the way through
  2. Like it
  3. Say it was entertaining or funny
  4. Go to the audio page to make your own reel


How do they know this? Instagram says the most important signals, roughly in order of importance, are:


Instagram looks at things like which reels you’ve liked, commented on and engaged with recently.


How do you interact with the person who posted the reel previously.


Such as the audio track, video understanding based on pixels and whole frames, as well as popularity


Based on the person who posted and how others have interacted with them

Instagram also revealed some reasons why they’d avoid recommending a specific Reel in your feed.

  • Low resolution or watermarked Reels
  • Reels that focus on political issues
  • Reels that are made by political figures, parties or government officials or on their behalf

There you have it. How you can get the best reach on your not-for-profit or charity Reels on Instagram – straight from the horse’s mouth!

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