Imposter syndrome got me good

Sep 08, 2023

I watched an amazing video recently that explained why imposter syndrome actually doesn't exist. It blew my mind. Have you seen it?

I have a confession though. This week I could not convince my brain that imposter syndrome did not exist and so feel DEEP down that rabbit hole.

For the last 5 days I've been doing an intensive Company Director's Course with the AICD.

I walked in on my first day and saw an impossibly gorgeous, very well and expensively dressed woman walking ahead of me and BAM. 💥 Imposter syndrome. 

I got handed a list, that included all the titles of my fellow students. There was an MP. The CEO of a major charity. A director for a major government agency. Investment bankers. Lawyers and CFOs. BAM. 💥 Imposter syndrome. 

Making small talk with the other students before we kicked off, someone innocently asked me if the board I chair paid for my course or if I paid for it myself. BAM. I was there on a scholarship for people with disabilities or chronic illness. 💥 Imposter syndrome. 

Looking at the agenda for the course there was financial literacy, risk management, governance, corporate law and two enormous lever arch files of things to learn. BAM 💥 Imposter syndrome. 

I am sure you have felt the same way at some point (or maybe I'm alone!). 

I was so far out of my comfort zone I couldn't have found it even if it had big flashing signs screaming - I'm over here!

It didn't feel very natural. But despite all the red flags trying to tell me to turn tale, I knew I was in the right place. This course has been on my vision board for a year and the scholarship turned up just after I joined a major charity board. 

It was meant to be. I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I knew if I wanted to better serve my nonprofit clients and step-up to bigger board roles in the future I needed to bring up my skills to a whole new level. 

I didn't know if I would make it through and I still have all my assessments to come, but I did know it was something I wanted and I wasn't going to give up.

It made me want to pose the question to you... is there something you've been wanting to try but had major imposter syndrome or some other equally powerful-but-but-not-real force stopping you?

Well I hope my story gives you a bit of courage. Do it anyway. Suck it up. You won't die.

You will either succeed or you will learn.  I call that a win/win.

And if it so happens the thing that you've been wanting to do but you have oh-so-much-imposter-syndrome around it is to create a course teaching your one special thing you're awesome at or one of the many things your nonprofit does so well...

... then take the little leap and join me next week in Amy Porterfield's Course Confident Bootcamp. Amy's my mentor and she's the guru on this stuff. I think her training could help a lot of nonprofits discover a whole new revenue stream opportunity. 

If it sparks your interest, dive in. You don't have much to lose. It's only $47 USD to join and you'll get to learn from my mentor (and I'll be there too!). 

Check it out here. 

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