I have ADHD? 🤯

Dec 05, 2023

Bossy.  Chatterbox. Daydreamer. Loud. 

These are the words I heard a lot as a child, when people spoke about me. I always felt I was a bit 'too much' (not that it bothered me). Too opinionated, too talkative and sometimes a bit of a handful.

As an adult, these started moving into more positive frames. 

Confident. Driven. Determined. Creative. Fearless.

It turns out I was 'this many days old' when I found out I have ADHD.

About three weeks ago I decided to try medication and see how I felt.

After taking my first tablet, I fell asleep. I thought this was a really odd reaction to a 'stimulant'.

After a few weeks I've realised something profound. Not everyone lives with 100 thoughts flying around in their head - ALL AT ONCE. 

I've now experienced a quiet brain for the very first time, and it's something of a revelation.

I fell asleep, because my body had no idea how to cope with a quiet mind, other than sleep. As I've gotten used to it, it is hard to explain how it feels. But I certainly feel less overwhelmed and clearer. 

I was actually talking with my business coach just this morning and mentioned that I am working on my Operational Project Plan for next year. 

Not only did he want me to teach him my process (stat), it made me realise. I've actually been learning skills to cope with my ADHD for years.

Like my Operational Project Plan.  I work out what I want life/business to look like at the end of next year, and then I break it down until I know the most important things I need to achieve every month.

That way I know if I just do that one thing that month, I will keep moving forward. 

If you're curious to know more about how I cope with my overwhelmed ADHD brain and plan, give me a shout. Happy to share next week. Or answer any of your late diagnosis ADHD questions in the comments!

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