I can't get rid of them & it is StoryScience.

Jan 15, 2024

I have been going through a MASSIVE house declutter over the last few weeks.

I mean, serious stuff. I've opened every cupboard, box and nook and cranny I can find and brutally cleared the contents.

I've thrown out things from the hospital where my son was born. Put his kindy drawings in the recycling, yet somehow...

I can't get rid of my son's Toy Story movie toys...

...and it's because of StoryScience.

If you haven't heard me talk about this idea yet, you're in for a treat. StoryScience is my unique framework of how we can rewire people's brains with marketing.

When we tell a great story, all sorts of interesting things happen in our brains.

We produce dopamine and oxytocin, creating long-term memories and emotional bonds.

We get neural coupling, where we empathise and personalise the story to our own lives.

We can even start to mirror the brain waves of the storyteller. 

And this is why I can't get rid of these dang toys. 

Because Pixar have so nailed the concept of storytelling in a way our brains respond to - I have to fight my brains instinct that I am abandoning these toys, just the way Andy did in the movie. 

Sounds a bit weird? Sure. But it's also science. 

If we post content and share two dimensional impressions of our brands, that's the level of connection we create with our audiences. Flat. 

If we can use StoryScience and create a deep emotional connection, we create this unconscious drive or desire.

Did you know when injected by synthetic oxytocin, one scientist found that people donated to 57% more charities and gave 56% more money?

Food for thought. Are your stories emotive enough to create these bonding hormones? Or are they easy to scroll on past.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that I can find my 'Bonnie' and find a new loving, caring home for these toys so I can alleviate all my science-driven abandonment issues. xx

Happy storytelling,

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