Guest Post: 7 Reasons to Run a Virtual Event from Rebecca Saunders

content social media video Nov 08, 2021

Today we are very excited to introduce the amazing video-expert Rebecca Saunders to the Hancock Creative blog. Rebecca has been partnering with us for years now to help not-for-profits, charities and good causes access to information on how to create an engaging video.

Of course, in 2021 – video has become even more important than ever before. That’s why today we’ve asked Rebecca to share her 7 Reasons Why to Run a Virtual Event as a Charity or Not-for-Profit.

We’re also super excited to be launching a brand new partnership with Rebecca on a short course: NAILING A POLISHED LIVE EVENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA COURSE

Businesses have learned that by embracing virtual events, they can now reach global audiences that might have at one time seemed out of reach.  Online events are not an interim solution – they are now part of event culture.

Here’s why:

1. No Physical Barriers to Attend:
Now that we’re used to both Teams and Zoom meetings and virtual events, leaving our homes or our workplaces to attend an event can be logistically problematic as well as taxing on the limited time people have. Where once having to dress appropriately, organise transport & parking – or dare I say sit in traffic used to be a sacrifice for some, has now become a hard ‘NO’.  A virtual event allows people to attend from the comfort of their own homes and takes the logistical hassle out of the equation.

2. Great for Busy People:
With fewer logistics to consider, those who are run off their feet may be able to find the time to attend. Virtual events turn what might be a 3-hour commitment into a 1-hour commitment, so those who don’t have the time suddenly do have the time because you’re asking less of them.

3. They’re Cost Effective:
Without having people physically in the room, your event cost decreases. You don’t have to hire a space or buy notebooks or pens, bottled water or mints for your guests. Food no longer has to be provided, permits or insurances no longer have to be attained which ultimately leads to lower overhead and lower the risk.

4. Low Risk:
If an event is not quite hitting numbers or unprecedented life/world events crop up, there are other ways to ensure success which include selling access to the content after the event and offering digital products off the back of it. There are many creative ways of ensuring you hit your goals.

5. Creating On-Demand Content: 
Not only have you created a high-value event that you can run over and again, but you’ve now got an additional resource that you can sell separately as masterclasses long after the event. Or you can simply use it for highlight reels or on your social media.

6. Pause & Rewind:
And an added bonus of having this resource is pause & rewind. Don’t you hate it when your pen can’t keep up with all the nuggets of gold being shared? Running a virtual event allows your attendees to note down the time and circle back to it when the recording is released.

7. Encourage Interactivity:
At in-person events it can often be difficult to work the room in such a way that the audience participates. When we run online events there is a seamless integration that allows participants to interact in such a way that they can provide feedback, ask questions and even at times remain anonymous through the process so that they feel safer to interact.

Want to get a step-by-step guide to taking your not-for-profit event online? We’re super excited to be partnering with Rebecca and her team on a brand new short course.

Rebecca and her amazing Pyrmont Studios have taken HUNDREDS of live events virtual in the past 18 months, but she also knows a lot of not-for-profits and causes like yours don’t have the budget for a big studio setup. 

So she VERY generously called me recently and offered to partner with us to create a SUPER affordable course showing you how to run an awesome live event yourself.

The course is now here and we’re ready to soft launch it out to all of our existing community. To get access to the course head over here:


Can you believe it’s only $49? It’s all online so you can learn at your own pace.

Inside Nailing A Polished Live Event on Social Media you will learn:

  • Software & equipment you’ll need, right from micro budgets to a bit more professional setups
  • Design tools and setup so your event look visually great
  • Presenter basics with checklists to make sure you feel confident hitting the go-live button on the day

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