Fundraising Without Fees

Dec 07, 2021

We’ve been waiting for this for such a long time, and it’s FINALLY HERE!

Facebook users are now able to donate to local Aussie charities, thanks to a new partnership between FB and PayPal.

The timing couldn’t be better for Aussie non-profits, as recent research showed that Australians have already donated $475 million to causes they care about based on information they saw on Facebook!

What does this mean for you, as an Aussie charity? It means you’ll be able to collect donations and encourage supporters to fundraise for your charity on Facebook – without being charged fees!

It’s all done through Facebook’s Donate button. You’ll be able to add the button to your posts, making it easy for supporters to contribute in just a few taps (with no fees – did we mention that already?).

It’s fantastic news, because your supporters can set up a dedicated page to share their story, tell others about your cause, and rally around a fundraising goal. Their friends can donate in a few taps without leaving Facebook, making it easier to collect donations. Even better, each time someone donates, they are prompted to share and invite their friends. Shares and re-shares also contain a donate button, making it easy to donate right from the News Feed.

If you have a verified page, or (even better) an ambassador with a verified page, you can even add a Donate button to your live videos! Imagine that! You could go behind the scenes to really show the impact that the donations to your cause will make. Remember Live Aid in the mid 1980s? A live video fundraiser can replicate that – raising awareness while connecting instantly with your community. Powerful stuff!

The money donated via Facebook will go into PayPal’s new Australian giving fund, which will then disperse 100% of the funds to the designated charities. No fees. No. Fees.


If you’re eligible for charitable giving, head on over to Paypal to register for a giving fund.

To find out more about Facebook’s Charitable Giving Tools, head here!

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