Don't chase followers ⛔️

Oct 30, 2023

I like to think this happens less often now as more organisations get really social savvy...

... but it still happens more than I'd like.


The conversations that go something like this:

Potential client: "I have a target to get our Facebook audience to 10,000, can you help?"


Me: "Nope."


It's not because I can't, but as I explain again and again it's because it isn't actually the answer to your problems.


There are so many nonprofits and businesses out there with thousands of followers, or even millions. But it doesn't mean they are getting the most donations, sales, volunteers or whatever else dream you think it will manifest for you.


What I can guarantee is they are spending more money than you, have more stressed staff than you and have a lot more social media admin than you.


That's not what you want.


After all, which is better - having 2,000 followers who are your ideal audience - the kind of people who will spend money with you, support you, share your messages, jump into action every time you ask...


...or 10,000 followers with a very low posting quality score (because there are too many people and not enough targeted engagement) and lots of responses and messages to manage, none of which moves the needle on your organisation's purpose. 


With the platforms getting more and more crowded, organic reach is getting lower so more followers doesn't even equate more eyeballs on your content a lot of times. 


I know you're smart enough to make the right choice.


Social media in 2024 will be ALL about quality and not quantity.


I want you to focus your strategy on engaging the right people that you can help and that can help you. Don't play the game of who has the biggest number. 

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