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Dec 19, 2023

Trying to get your social media scheduling done before you break for the holidays? 

I've got you. Here are my 10 lazy (but also awesome) post ideas for fast content creation before Santa arrives. You can get at least 25 social posts done in less than 20 minutes. Set that timer! 


Open your social media analytics, look at your content tab for the last year. Take the three performing posts from the list and refresh and repost them. 

3 x posts 


If you're not great at letting your audience past the professional facade, the is your chance. Make a video tour of the office decorations and share a fact about how you're preparing for the holidays. 

2 x posts 

Flashback content 

The end of the year is a great time to celebrate some pivotal moments. Create 3-4 throwback posts showing your organisation's history or pivotal moments in your history (good or bad). 

3-4 x posts 

Gratitude Post 

When was the last time you personally thanked your community for their support? Write an honest and emotionally-languaged post to tell them genuinely what their support means to you. 

1 x post 

Remix or Duet 

Find someone else's content that will resonate with your audience (TikTok, Instagram, Reels). Remix it to add your own touches or duet it and add your own thoughts or feedback into the mix. 

2-3 x posts 


Not every post has to be from you. Post a great story or picture from another Page (crediting them of course) or reshare their content to your audience. 

2-3 x posts 

Create a series 

Most people put too much content in one post. Create 5 fun facts to share about your product, organisation or team. Use the same template Canva and schedule to post 1 a week. 

5 x posts 

Photo focus 

Go through your phone photos or your company files. Find the 3 best photos from past events, activities, office pics, staff photos, etc. Share them and tell a fun story about that event, place, person. 

3 x posts 


Grab past videos or documents from your CEO or brand ambassadors. Pull out 3 interesting facts, statements, catch phrases or quotes and turn them into visuals in Canva. 

3 x posts 

Have some fun 

Check out a meme Page or use good old Google to find some fun graphics or posts that relate to your ideal audience's experiences at this time of year. 

2 x posts

Hope this helps you get inspired to smash through your social scheduling for the next month!

All the best,

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