Content Plan for June Now - Don't Let EOFY Doesn't Take Over

content resource May 31, 2022

I feel like getting back into bed and pulling the doona over my head today, not just because tomorrow is the first day of winter… 

… but because we are only one month from the end of financial year! 

 June for causes and social entrepreneurs is always one of the hardest months of the year. It’s just a heck of a busy time.  

You have to do plotting, planning, financial submissions and budgets - all on top of your usual workload. You have to make sure you met all your milestones and acquitted any grants, funding or budgets before it hits June 30.  

Phew! That is a lot to think about. 

The sad truth is the first thing that goes when we get busy, is our social media scheduling. We fall into bad habits of posting ad hoc or not posting at all. 

I would hate to see this happen to you, so the most important tip I can share today is to do your June social media scheduling NOW. 

Make sure you have at least 2-3 posts per channel pre-scheduled and ready to go ahead of time. 

If the idea of planning a whole month of content now is freaking you out – I have created a quick (and cheap) resource to save you a HEAP of time on your socials.

On my website now, I have a two-page June content calendar & planner for you. Like always, it is designed for not-for-profits, community groups and organisations that like to make a difference.  

 It includes: 

-       A complete list of theme days and cause-related events you may need to know about 

-       A 30-day content prompt planner to give your ideas of what to post and when 

-       A structure to make sure your content says strategic and balanced 

I hope you enjoy it. It’s available now from my website for only $5! 

Happy content planning.

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