Christmas Cheers

Dec 22, 2021

What goes around, comes around, right?

With all this talk of gifts (did somebody mention Christmas?), we’ve been thinking about the gifts our own clients have received this year – gifts that arrived because of genuine storytelling on social media, and which helped so many people as a result.

In November, Foxglove Project put out a call for an office, after they realised that continuing to work from Kelley’s living room was totally unfeasible! It was a BIG ask. But guess what? Thanks to their great friends at Media Today, they scored 100 square metres of open-plan space AND a boardroom AND undercover parking, so they can comfortably continue to support women in the developing world.

Just this week, Zonta House Refuge arrived at Ray White Cannington to a huge donation of Christmas gifts for vulnerable women and children. The collection was so huge it took 8 staff and 5 cars to load it all up!

And then there’s Tiny Sparks, who will be sending out just over 200 handmade quilts all over WA, so that every baby in a neonatal unit on Christmas Day will receive a special gift they can treasure for years to come.

African Hearts had a major financial sponsor abruptly withdraw from funding three large projects in Uganda this year. After a video appeal on their social channels explaining their circumstances, an existing organisation that sponsors young children generously donated $55k (USD) to help with completing these urgent projects. And other local African Hearts supporters have donated a further $1000 (USD).

In Brisbane, Cat Cuddle Cafe was forced to move their animal rescue to new premises due to the landlord continually raising the rent and charging additional fees. The rescue could no longer afford to stay and had to move but couldn’t afford a lot of the building that had to done in the new location. They made an appeal on their social channels, with local painters Rochele Painting responding to the call and delivering a $6000 paint job!

The majority of donations made to the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF) go directly to the mission and associated projects. Recently, Wiseguise Pizza in Tasmania generously donated 3 fabulous laptops to assist in community presentations. This has enabled ACCF to be far more efficient and hopefully more effective in reaching Australians on the importance of remaining vigilant with their cervical screening.

Extra-special causes with extra-special gifts for extra-special people. That’s the spirit of Christmas (and the power of social media!).

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