Build a loyal community (on a shoestring budget)

Jun 04, 2024

In the world of nonprofits, community is everything. A loyal community can become your strongest advocates, your most passionate donors or customers, and your biggest cheerleaders.

But how do you build that kind of community when your budget is tight?

Don't worry, it's entirely possible! Here are some actionable tips and tricks to help you foster engagement, spark conversations, and turn followers into lifelong supporters, without breaking the bank.

1. Focus on Authentic Storytelling

People connect with stories. Share the real-life impact your nonprofit is making through compelling narratives.

Highlight client stories, volunteer experiences, and the challenges you've overcome. Use photos and videos to capture emotion and bring your stories to life.

Remember, it's not about being polished; it's about being genuine.

2. Cultivate Two-Way Conversations

Social media isn't just a broadcast channel – it's a conversation. Ask questions, encourage feedback, and respond thoughtfully to comments.

Host live Q&A sessions, polls, and surveys to get your community involved. Create a space where people feel heard and valued.

3. Leverage User-Generated Content

Empower your community to become content creators. Encourage them to share their experiences with your nonprofit using a branded hashtag. Repost their photos, videos, and testimonials.

Not only does this save you time and resources, but it also creates a sense of ownership and belonging among your supporters.

4. Partner with Like-Minded Organisations

Look for opportunities to collaborate with other nonprofits or local businesses that share your values.

Cross-promote each other's content, co-host events, or even launch joint campaigns. By joining forces, you can expand your reach and tap into new audiences.

5. Celebrate Your Community

Recognise and appreciate your supporters regularly. Give shout-outs to loyal followers, highlight volunteer contributions, and share positive feedback. A simple thank-you goes a long way in building goodwill and loyalty.

6. Get Creative with Content

Don't be afraid to experiment with different formats. Try behind-the-scenes videos, talking head video, live streams, or carousels. 

Share inspiring quotes, thought-provoking questions, or relevant industry news. Variety keeps your content fresh and engaging.

7.  Utilise Free Tools and Resources

There are plenty of free or low-cost tools available to help you manage your social media presence, create graphics, and analyse your performance.

Take advantage of resources like Canva for design (and it even does scheduling now), native scheduling tools (most platforms have them now - even LinkedIn!), and Google Analytics for tracking your results.

8. Invest in Relationships, Not Just Followers

Don't get caught up in the numbers game. Focus on building meaningful relationships with your followers.

Engage in one-on-one conversations, always reply to comments and respond to DMs.

Remember: Building a loyal community takes time and effort. Be patient, consistent, and most importantly, authentic.

These tips and tricks, you can create a thriving community that will support your nonprofit for years to come.

If you've had a low-cost strategy that has worked really well for your nonprofit, I'd love to hear about it. Hit reply and let me know.

Happy Tuesday,

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