Build a High-Performing Marketing Team

Mar 18, 2024

I share a lot of advice about specific social media platforms or ways to tell compelling stories...

... but today I want to talk about how to create a high-performing marketing team (even if it is just one person).

What do you as a leader - or you as the marketer do - to make sure you're following the best marketing strategy possible? 

Here is my advice.

Break Down Silos

If your marketer can't tell you what the priorities are for your entire organisation for the next quarter, six months or year - how can they create aligned marketing?

Better communication between leadership and the people telling your organisation's story is key. If they know what success looks like, they can tailor their efforts to deliver it.

SMART Goals & Measurement

Don't accept goals like: increase our Facebook followers to 10,000. They just won't do your organisation any good. 

You need to support and report on SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound). This gives clarity, direction and allows you to have measures that will say 'yes' or 'no' for tracking success. 

Task Audit Power

Have each marketer do a task audit for one week. Write a list of every activity you do and how long you spend on it.

This is a great conversation starter because it will often identify tasks that extremely time consuming, that drive very little results. Stopping that task or moving it elsewhere can help improve productivity and results.

Don't Expect Everyone to Know Everything

Marketing a super wide area of knowledge. It is impossible to be a specialist at everything. You're either going to have a great generalist or a specialist in a specific type of marketing.

Know which ones you have - or which you are - and invest in supporting ongoing learning and mentorship in the areas they are less experienced or confident in.

Invest in Tools

I support investing in tools that can save time and improve your ability to track marketing performance. Make sure you consider which tools are worth using for your next budget and maximise your marketing team's time.

Data-Driven Decisions

While data is key, understanding what data matters most is crucial. Make sure you're not marketing out of gut instinct, but have a really simple but well-thought out plan that you can measure and constantly improve on.

Workload Management

If you want top marketing performers, make sure you don't give them more work than they can realistically handle. You will achieve more by having fewer marketing strategies in play, but allocating more time and effort to making them work well for you. 

Hope this helped give you some clarity on what you need to change in your organisation to get better marketing performance. 

Have a great day,

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