Avoiding Social Media Burnout 🔥🔥

social media May 17, 2022

When you’re expected to feed the social media ‘beast’ every single week, multiple times a week (or even a day) across multiple channels and things are CONSTANTLY changing…. 

… it’s no surprise that a lot of you are getting burnt out. 

Some common causes of social media burnout are: 

-       Constant changes to platforms 

-       Always having to find new ideas and source content 

-       Frustration when people don’t engage with a post 

-       Lack of understanding in your management team 

-       Social media negativity 

Particularly when you are a founder, work for a social enterprise or charity – you wear a lot of hands and tend to be already spread really thin.

Throw in a pandemic and there is little surprise things feel a bit sucky right now. 

Here are a few tips to keep the burnout at bay: 

 1)    You may be responsible for the social media, but that doesn’t mean you’re solely responsible for content ideas. Set up a What’s App channel where team members can share interesting links, post ideas, things coming up in the team, funny stories, great memes they found – so you have a constant source of new ideas. Or at least make sure social media is on the agenda for your team meetings so everyone is contributing. 

2)    Short term pain for long-term gain – take out a morning and make yourself a content-inspiration list. List social channels you love (with links), blogs talking about things in your space, links to partners / sponsors / supporters accounts, that great meme account…. You get the idea. Make it easier on yourself to find shareable content quickly. 

3)    Invest in tools that help you find relevant trending content and ideas fast. Like Google Alerts or BuzzSumo. 

4)    Join groups that are good at keeping you up to date on Social Media changes like Australian Community ManagersSocial Media Geekout or our own Change the World group. 

5)    Batch your social media tasks. If you’re creating content every day it’s no wonder it feels never ending. Work towards planning your content monthly, so you can focus for short bursts and then let it go. 

Hope this helps give you a bit more social media inspiration for the week. 

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