Are you in the Mood? Creating Success on Instagram

Aug 22, 2017

Did you know your Instagram profile is essentially one big mood board?

Much like you might build an inspiration board when you’re planning a wedding or building a house, by compiling images and ideas that you love and grouping them together.

Maybe you remember cutting clippings from magazines and newspapers when you were a kid and making a scrapbook? The end result would have a theme or a vibe. Someone looking through your scrapbook would get an idea about who you are, what you do, and the things you value.

Instagram is exactly the same. People will scroll through your profile and get a feel for what you or your organisation is all about.

To make sure you’re giving off the right vibe, you need to think about what your posts will look like when they are viewed together. What kind of feelings does your profile evoke?

‘Thank you’ is a great example of a NFP who does the mood board thing really well. All their images look great on their own, but they also look great viewed together as one.

When you’re looking at your Instagram profile, here’s a few things to ask yourself:

  • Are you using the same filter on all of your photos?
  • Have you got the same colour palette running through your photos?
  • Is there a pattern to how you’re posting your images? E.g. maybe every 3 rd  post is an inspirational quote that aligns with your organisations values (hint: use the same font and layout for all your quotes to achieve consistency).

So this week, I challenge you to have a look at your Instagram profile and make some small tweaks to the vibe you’re sending out to the Insta-verse.

Happy mood boarding!

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