5 Powerful Lessons from my weekend with Girl Guides

Jun 06, 2023

Over the weekend, I had the incredible privilege to participate in a strategy day for Girl Guides organisations around Australia. 

In the room we had CEOs from every state, board chairs and commissioners, as well as my fellow board members from the peak body Girl Guides Australia. 

We had women from their early 20s to their 70s. Each and every one of them - powerful, accomplished, intelligent and passionate about the future of young women in our country.

Today, I am feeling so inspired. Sitting in that room, I was reminder of 5 very powerful lessons I've learned in my career so far. 

I hope some of them inspire you.  

Lesson 1

It's never about having all the answers. It's about having the right questions and feeling safe and confident enough to ask them. 

Lesson 2

Every voice matters, especially those who don't agree. I have seen so many good ideas, become even better ideas with the addition of different points of view. Input and feedback are vital in every organisation, so don't ever be afraid to speak up and share your perspective. 


Lesson 3

When faced with a hard decision, there is often a creative third path you haven't considered yet. When you put smart and passionate people together, it is amazing what other solutions start to emerge. 


Lesson 4

If you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room. I saw in the room with women 20 years younger than me who have presented to the United Nations on women's issues. Women 20 years older than me that hold multiple masters and a PhD and have done things I can only dream of. Surrounding yourself with smart, strong, brave people who are smarter than you can only lead to self-improvement.


Lesson 5

Passion for a common cause is everything. When people really believe in creating a better future, whatever sector they are in, that is a powerful force for good. 


What powerful lessons have you been reminded of lately? 

All the best,


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