5 easy videos you can make & publish this week

Feb 12, 2024

I want to bust a myth today - and that is creating video content has to be hard. 

It doesn't. In fact I create multiple videos each week and I literally spend minutes on them. 

Here are some examples I've seen or used myself in the last few weeks. 

1) A how to. Take one thing you teach or talk about all the time. Demonstrate to your audience through how to do it.

For example, I shared a video on my TikTok the other day from Australian Red Cross. They recorded what to do when you find an unconscious baby. They demonstrated the steps with a doll.

2) Answer a frequently asked question. I saw a great one the other day from Perth Zoo where they had their staff answer the question - what is the least glamorous part of their job.

The answer ... looking at poo. It has 12k video watched and 500 comments. They just recorded it on a phone and added a sticker overlay with the original question. 

3) Record a video of something you're working on. I just did a video where I filmed my computer screen showing one of the new files I uploaded to my Training Vault (coming soon) and it was watched more than 700 times.

4) Duet something. Find a video someone else has made on TikTok or Instagram that is relevant to your niche. Duet it and add your own comments and reactions to what they did.

So fast, so easy but can still add lots of value. I often do these when I see someone else create great content and add my thoughts on why it worked so well using my StoryScience method.

5) Repurpose a video. Find a video on your phone from a CEOs speech, an event you went to, somewhere you travelled - and take out the original audio and add a trending song and overlay it with a tip or piece of advice.

These are all fast, simple and easy to create using just your phone.

And if you're still not convinced why you need video, I'll leave you with a few stats.

  • More than 85% of internet users watch video each month
  • Research shows the average person spends 100 minutes a day watching video
  • 91% of people prefer online video content over other forms of content
  • 96% of marketers said video marketing increased a user's understanding of their product or service
  • 93% of companies who use video marketing say it increased their web traffic

Which video will you make this week?

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