Threads: What is this new platform and should you care? 🤔

instagram social media social media news twitter Jul 17, 2023

If you're a social media user, chances are you've heard of Threads by now.

But what is it? Essentially Threads is a new social media app run by Meta, connected to Instagram and designed to be a direct competitor for Twitter. 

Although Mark Zuckerberg says it's designed to be 'kinder' than Twitter.

More than 100 million people accessed Threads in the first few days of its launch.

We're seeing major international brands, celebrities and trend-setters getting their Threads account active already.

One of the advantages, is if you do have a thriving Instagram audience, Threads connects to this platform and will allow you to automatically bring some of your existing audience with you. I found I had a few hundreds followers in the first day. 

One of the disadvantages is that access hasn't been released for any European countries yet. It also doesn't have a hashtag or search function in place yet, so it's really a case of browsing your feed.

Should you be getting on to Threads?

There is always an opportunity on a new platform to get in early and be one of the first to build an audience. The benefits of this can't be underestimated if the platform does become a major player in the future.

However, I always caution my clients to think strategically. Do you have the resources to do a new platform effectively? Do you have time to monitor such a rapidly evolving conversation? Do you have a strategy on how you're using it? Without these, you're probably better off not leaping in feet first.

There is no harm though in using your Instagram account to reserve your Threads username now and watch and wait to see what happens.

Simply log into Instagram, go to the three vertical lines in the top right corner to open the menu and select Threads to get you started.

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