Improving Your Marketing Strategy: Tips to Boost Campaign Success

content marketing social media strategy Jan 30, 2023

I’ve been LOVING doing consulting work these last few months.

After years of teaching, it has been lovely to go DEEP into 2-3 organisations at a time and really untangling the web of their marketing until we get something that really works. 

It is a lot of work (which is why I limit the number and preserve my own energy!), but I've noticed some patterns that I wanted to share with you. 

I realised so many of you have all the pieces you need to do some great marketing. You just haven’t been able to put in the time to pull those pieces together into structure. 

For example, you have email databases – but they aren’t segmented so you’re only able to get limited use out of it. Or they haven’t had an email from you in way too long, so the relationship has gone cold. 

Or you know your audience really dang well… but the content you’re putting out there right now isn’t aligned with them. Perhaps you haven't put your audience profile to paper for a while or your content has just drifted away from it's purpose to focus on news, things that are happening in the business rather than what your audience wants or needs.

When it comes to the big picture, the biggest things a lot of you are missing is your customer experience journey. 

I am finding more and more of you have flat marketing where the same message goes to everyone. That leads to poor conversions, higher marketing costs, confused audiences and a lack of relationship. 

Not all your marketing talks to everyone in your community. 

My tips to kick of February: 

  •  Take a hard look at your email list. How can you segment it and use it better? 
  • Look at your content with fresh eyes, is it written for the audience you want to attract and is it stuff they care about?

  • Assess your marketing pieces and work out if they are best suited for people who have found you for the first time, you have been hanging around for a while or raving fans. Do you have all the marketing pieces to take someone from first contact to huge supporter? 

Happy marketing! 
All the best, 








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