Instagram video has changed forever. What do you need to know? 🤔

instagram video Sep 13, 2022

Instagram may have started as a photo sharing platform, but there is now no doubt...

...If you want to grow Instagram in the next 6-months your strategy will need to be video led.

So what’s going on with Instagram video?

Instagram video posts are being phased out in favour of the Reels format. That means now when you post a video it automatically goes into reels.

Your Instagram videos will start being amalgamated on the one video tab, that means you may have to think a bit more about your thumbnails to keep your feed looking consistent.

Not all Reels have to involve dancing or pointing! There are plenty of ways you can create Reels to add value that is relevant to your unique community.

Did you know - not all Reels need to be created by you? You can ‘remix’ an Instagram video so it will play your video side by side with an existing video. This is a great way to crowdsource content and add your own spin or reaction to other people’s content.



Have you seen those Reels that flash through a heap of short video to match the beat of a song? Did you know you can also click the three dots in the corner of these videos when they show up in your feed and select ‘use as a template'!

You can then create the exact same thing, by swapping out the videos for your own. No editing required!



And if that is not enough inspiration to get you going - new research this week shows:

  • Businesses using Reels get close to 40% MORE engagement than other post formats
  • Reels account for 20% of the time people spend on Instagram 


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