$50.00 AUD

Introduction To Facebook & Instagram Advertising

If you're new to paid Meta advertising or have dabbled with no real results – this is the perfect one-hour deep dive for you. Paid advertising can be overwhelming. It is constantly changing, there is mixed information on the internet, and it can be really easy to throw your cause’s money down the drain.

If you are buying ads or plan to soon, this will be the best $50 you’ve spent because it will help you get your ad campaigns done faster and avoid common far more costly mistakes.

 In this one-hour intensive, I will walk through how to:

  • Plan your advertising
  • Structure of an ad and how to build your first ads from scratch
  • Creating ad content that delivers results
  • Ideas of what can work and how to get started 

This class will be available to join LIVE Online on March 12th at midday AEDT. 


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What People Are Saying:

Great info & I have found this so very helpful- a big THANK YOU Alecia!

Lia Simmonds

Thanks so much for the ‘Introduction to Facebook and Instagram Advertising’ course this morning, it was fantastic. You definitely made ads manager look much less scary! And love the tip about being about to see ads run by other charities, an incredible insight! Thanks again for your great short course Alecia, you’re a fantastic educator.

Liz Wild

Fabulous class! Super helpful for someone who has never dabbled in advertising before, I know I'll be re-watching this multiple times! Thanks so much Alecia :)


Thank you, a very interesting session!

Ayse Dalkic

Thank you, what a great session. Learnt lots.

Marylou Kay

Thank you so much for a wonderful session!


Thank you so much! That was fantastic. :)

Aubrey Flood

Thanks so much. I am an old marketer before social media and I was finding advertising very confusing as the language has all changed!

Kathy Jennings

Thank you, very informative. A lot to take in. I am a complete beginner, so I look forward to going back through the video a couple of times to let it sink in!

Wendy Russell