The Instagram Algorithm: Your 2024 Refresh

Apr 09, 2024

Love it or hate it, that Instagram algorithm is still the invisible hand that decides whether your audience gets to see your amazing content. In 2024, there have been some shifts, so let's dive in and make sure you're ahead of the game.

What's This Algorithm Thing Anyway?

Just a reminder: it's a set of rules, a bit like a super-picky computer program, that ranks everything posted on Instagram. It decides what you see, and who sees what you create. There's no getting around it, so let's get on its good side!

Wait, Isn't It Like  5 Algorithms in a Trench Coat?

You're absolutely right!  Remember, there are different algorithms for your main feed, Reels, Stories, and even the Explore page. This means you could be killing it in someone's feed, but be barely a blip in their Stories.

Every time you open Instagram, those algorithms get to work.

What's New and Noteworthy in 2024?

Teens Get Some Changes: Instagram's focus on protecting younger users means teens automatically start off with more restrictive content settings.

Reels: Still Cool, But Not King: No more all-Reels-all-the-time! Adam Mosseri himself says the focus is widening, so expect both photos and Stories to get more algorithm love.

Repeat Views Count Each time someone watches your Reel, that's a view! This could boost your view counts nicely.

Watermarks Are Out: Confirmed! Reels with watermarks (like those pesky TikTok logos) get ranked lower, so try to create original content for the best reach.

The Top 3 Things the Algo Loves for 2024

Here's where the algorithm's heart lies right now:

  1. True Connections: Do you and your viewers follow each other? Is there a history of comments or DMs between you? This boosts your visibility massively. For businesses, this means responding to comments and messages is more crucial than ever!

  2. Genuine Interest: If someone always likes your workout tips, chances are they'll see more of those, while your baking Reels might stay hidden. The algorithm loves consistency!

  3. Hot Right Now: Trending topics and timely posts get an extra push from the algorithm.

So What Do I Need To Do?

Besides the usual advice I share (post awesome content, be engaging, etc.), 2024 is about:

  •  Community First: Actively replying to comments and messages builds the viewer relationship the algorithm adores.
  •  Originality Rules: Ditch the watermarked content, and show the algorithm that your ideas are fresh.
  •  Trends Are Your Friend: Find clever ways to weave timely trends into your content.

There you have it – your insider guide to navigating the Instagram algorithm in 2024!

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