Change the World

Change the World

Hosted by: Alecia Hancock

How do I grow a not for profit, charity or social impact organisation? Which social media channels should I use? How do we raise money online? Welcome to the Change the World podcast where we will answer ALL these...

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Finding a Mentor or Advisor to Help you Grow Your Impact

Episode #5

In today’s episode we have special guest Richard Bell talking about how to find a mentor, advisor or coach to help you grow your organisation or impact. Richard is a young entrepreneur and investor and was recently...
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Hiring a marketing agency: why, when and how

Episode #4

Today’s episode takes a look at agencies. What are they, when you might need one and how to make sure you make the most of any agency relationship you might have. Today’s guest is Matt J Hanham, owner and director of...
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The Importance of Trust & the Celeste Barber Fundraising Controversy

Episode #3

There is one issue dominating the media right now in the charity space and it’s the Celeste Barber Facebook fundraiser and the recent court ruling about the funds disbursement. This could be a watershed moment for our...
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7 Steps to Creating an Effective LinkedIn Profile with Jo Saunders

Episode #2

If you work for a not for profit or social enterprise, chances are you’ve set up a LinkedIn profile for yourself at some point. But how long has it been since you looked at it? Are you really using it effectively for...
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Social Media is a non-negotiable

Episode #1

Join host Alecia Hancock for the first episode of the Change the World podcast. In this episode, Alecia takes a hard look at the role social media plays in the social impact and cause space in 2020. The reality is,...
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