Facebook’s News Block, How it’s Impacted Not for Profits Around Australia and What to do About it

Episode #21

Today on the podcast Alecia Hancock is talking about Facebook’s news block, how it has impacted Not for Profitsaround Australia and what you can do about it.


What has happened? Facebook restricted news viewing and sharing in Australia in response to the proposed Australian media bargaining code.Many not for profits, NGOs, community organisations and government departments were caught up in the ban.


Here are the resources and tips Alecia discusses throughout the episode.


The full announcement from Facebook: (https://australia.fb.com/news-law/).

Alecia recommds:

Do not panic.

Do not delete content.

Do not start another Facebook page.


Pages are starting to be released. Here is where you need to go to apply for your Page to be reviewed:


When reporting your Facebook Page for review make sure:

  1. You are logged into Facebook on your internet browser

  2. You are an Admin of an effect Page


If you’re at a complete loss for what to post on your Facebook Page now that news is not an option, you may want to check out our 12-month social media content calendar. You can purchase this now on our website for only $49. It includes an entire year of post ideas and suggestions:




We also have a brand new freebie for you to download and it’s the Not for Profit Social Media Strategy Starter Kit. It will help you start to go from creating a