Why you Should Make Entering Awards a Priority in Your Organisation

Episode #25

Welcome to the Change the World podcast, I am your host Alecia Hancock and today I am talking about how to enter (and win) awards.


Since I founded Hancock Creative 11 years ago, we have been lucky enough – and, yes – strategic enough, to win a number of high profile awards.


In today’s episode I am going to be talking about why I think entering awards should be an important part of your nonprofit or cause’s marketing this year and why.

I’ll share my tips on how to research and find the right awards for you and how awards will help you:

  • Stand out
  • Be trusted
  • Practice gratitude
  • Reward your team
  • Get publicity
  • Improve your organisation
  • Build confidence


If you’d like to enter Hancock Creative’s Social Media Awards for Not-for-Profits   you can do so here: https://hancockcreative.lpages.co/nfp-social-media-awards/