New Instagram features to check out!

features instagram marketing social media Jan 03, 2022

Have you made sure to stay on top of your social game? There have been a LOT of new features dropping on Instagram recently that you’re going to want to know about.

Here are a few of our top new Instagram features:


  • Removal of individual posts from a carousel of photos 📷

One of the more long-awaited features is the ability to delete individual photos in a carousel. This means if you regular post carousel images (where you post multiple images at once and people can swipe through to view them all), you can now go back and remove unwanted photos from the group that have already been uploaded onto Instagram without deleting the whole post. Did you know that carousels mean your post is more likely to show up in a followers feed more than once? 


  •  Scheduling of stories and lives 📅

You can now schedule your Instagram lives and stories that will notify your followers of when you will be going live. This allows you to organise and to prepare content in advance and leave space for audience engagement. 


  • Posting from the Instagram desktop site 🖥️ 

Previously, you could only post to Instagram from your desktop (your computer rather than your phone) if you were using a third-party scheduling tool. Otherwise, you were stuck uploading to Instagram from mobile/tablet and that meant we were all familiar with the never-ending dance of transferring content from our computers to our phones! Now you can directly upload straight to your account from your computer on saving you time. 


  •   Reel text- to- speech feature 💬 

In an attempt to keep up with its competitors, Instagram has added the new transcript feature where it will turn text to speech or speech to text. As 80% of videos are being watched without sound, you can quickly add captions direct to your Reels with a click of a button. 


  • Story Stickers ‘Add yours’ 

If you haven’t been on Instagram this month then you may have missed out on the thread of story stickers. This is where someone can share an Instagram Story on a set theme and you can click to ‘add on’ to the thread with your own image. The goal is to allow content creators to reach a larger audience that have an interest in the topic or theme. Think of this as a thread of content with a common theme of interest. 

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