Your Email Open Rate Booster Checklist

Getting lacklustre results from your email database? There is one single thing that makes the difference - and it's your subject line. 

Download my simple checklist now and make sure your subject lines hit the market and your email campaigns get opened. 

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Hello - I'm Alecia Hancock 👋🏻

I'm the author of the handbook and I'm known as the go-to person for nonprofit digital marketing. I've learnt from Gary Vee, Guy Kawasaki, Randi Zuckberg and I translate the latest digital marketing information into stuff that makes sense for nonprofits. I've worked with everyone from the Australian Red Cross and Starlight Foundation, to clients from Newcastle to New York to New Zealand. 

What You'll Find Inside the Handbook

1. Best Tools & Resources

Save time and money, with our top recommendations of tools and apps. 

2. Monthly planner

Not sure what you need to do each week or month? Our 1-page guide includes a timeline. 

3. 5 Steps for Content

There is a big difference between content and effective content. We will show you the difference. 

4. Content Checklist

Our quick and easy guide for content planning to make sure you remember the important stuff. 

5. Skills Guide

Okay, so you're managing the social media. What do you need to know how to do? Check your skills out against our list. 

A few of the student's who have trained with me...