$50.00 AUD

10 Steps to Marketing Your Organisation

This class is a must-do for anyone who feels like their marketing is ad hoc and could grow in leaps and bounds with some more strategy and direction.

If you want to know how to plan your marketing so it reaches the right people and gets results - this class will give you a solid base. 

Ideal for people who are newer to the marketing space or who want to move from ad hoc activity to developing a strategy to follow. 

In one hour, you will learn:

  • Setting your marketing mission
  • Defining your audience & goals
  • Developing your stories
  • Giving your campaign credibility
  • Making it actionable
  • An exploration of different marketing platforms
  • Creating a 1-Page Marketing Plan

This class will be available to join LIVE Online on March 7th at midday AEDT. 


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What People Are Saying:

As an accountant who has no formal training in marketing, this one hour course covered a lot of bases, which was all conveyed using very simple terms and language. It was fantastic to get a snapshot understanding of how to market a service or product to an audience.

Rahul Seth