Build a Brand on TikTok

Learn how to Build Your Brand on the Fastest Growing Social Media Platform in the World - TikTok

"Build a Brand on TikTok" is a one-hour masterclass that will dive you into the world of TikTok. We start by giving you the lowdown on what TikTok is all about – its backstory, why it's blown up so fast, and why everybody's talking about it.

Then, we'll break down who's actually hanging out on TikTok. You'll learn about the different kinds of people scrolling through their feeds, what they're into, and how they like to engage with content.

Then we will explore the opportunities TikTok opens up to grow an organisation. From boosting your visibility to selling products, we'll explore how TikTok can help you grow your organisation. 

Uncover tips on how to connect with your audience in a way that feels genuine and keeps them coming back for more.

And of course, we can't forget about the most important part – creating killer content. We'll walk you through the basics of making and sharing TikTok videos that grab attention and leave a lasting impression.

So if you're ready to take your brand to the next level and have some fun along the way, this class is for you! Let's get TikToking! 🚀

What you'll get:

  • What TikTok is and how it works for brands
  • Who is using it and how you can tap into the audiences
  • Using the platform as a brand
  • Building a community
  • Creating TikTok first content

This class will not cover analytics or paid advertising. These will be tackled in another session later this year. 

This class will be available to join LIVE Online on March 27th at midday AEDT. 


Your class will be delivered as a live online workshop. You can attend live and ask questions and interact directly.

Should you miss the live session, you will also receive the new class as a recording in the Learning Hub, which you can watch at your leisure. 

When you purchase, you will be promoted to set up an account to the Learning Hub. To access the live class, or any of the recordings or purchases at any time, you would simply log in again at 


What People Are Saying:

I have learnt a lot of good tools. Thank you Alecia for sharing all this great info, I can't wait to go back and do all these things!

Melissa Lupang

My perception to TikTok is much more positive now! I felt it was for fun and had no direction or conversion for business. It was good to come together and learn all these little secrets.

Cassie Forsyth

I had no experience in TikTok, so I learned a lot of tips and tricks from you. You gave me lots of ideas I can go out and get started on.

Amy Wong

Build a Brand on TikTok Class for $50 AUD

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